Dear Brothers and Sisters of the River's Edge,

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord!

We come to verses 25-27 in Romans chapter eleven and see Paul bring his argument to a glorious climax! Israel WILL be saved because it is written!

The title of our message today is "Taking God's View of the World".  Paul is an example to us; he's a Christian who sees the world through the lens of Scripture! This is the message to us today: Every aspect of our lives should be viewed through the lens of scripture; from the everyday minutia of life to the unrest we see in the Middle East!

A common response is, "well I don't know the Bible in order to do that!" Exactly!  That's the  problem! In every crisis we should ask, what does the Scripture say?  We don't wait for a crisis then expect to understand Scripture in the panic of the moment; no, we read and study everyday so that we can overcome trials.  Jesus quoted Scripture when tempted in the wilderness.

In every decision, our 1st question should be what does the Bible say? even when we see injustice or obvious lies spread by gossips, news outlets, academia and even many churches, we ask what does the Bible say?; because we want to view our world through the lens of truth.  God made the temporary world we live in, let us see it the way he does. 

Psalm 47: 4-5
Romans 9:6
Isaiah 59:20
2 Peter 1:20
2 Peter 3:15
Luke 21: 20-24
Romans 11:1-10 
Daniel 11:31