The River's Edge Vision
The River's Edge is a dream. A dream of a church that teens can call their own and are comfortable inviting their friends and family; where the discouraged and brokenhearted find courage and comfort; where the lost find direction; where the confused find a listening ear and wise counsel; the River's Edge is a church where people feel loved and accepted.
The River's Edge is a dream. A dream of a church that worships God not to impress others, but to love God honestly and with humility; it's a church that loves to sing praises to Jesus; a church that surrenders their will without reservation to God, that hungers and thirsts for His righteousness; a church that recognizes it's inadequacy and the worthiness of Jesus the perfect one. The River's Edge is a church that worships God because they want to, not because they have to.
The River's Edge is a dream. It's a dream of a church that presents the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to thousands of people in the thumb of Michigan
The River's Edge is a dream. It's a dream of a community devoted to one another; a family that laughs together, cries together, that works, plays and worships God together. The River's Edge is a dream of a people supporting one another through thick and thin in life's complex journey
The River's Edge is a dream. It's a dream of a community that grows deeper toward understanding God, more committed to obeying God, more courageous in her faith in God and more devoted in her love for God through Sunday morning services, Sunday school, small group Bible studies, retreats, seminars and Bible school
The River's Edge is a dream. It's the dream that all who attend would be equipped to do important work for Jesus by helping them to discover, and function in, their God given gifts and talents
The River's Edge is a dream. It's a dream of acreage that supports the structure to house the life of this vibrant community and a campground that maximizes the natural tourist attraction of the local beaches in hopes that the vacationer's search for happiness and relaxation would end in the unsurpassed happiness and peace found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
This center will train and send out an army of missionaries to spread the Gospel worldwide.
This is more than a dream. It is becoming a reality. Why? Because we truly believe this is God's desire for His church.
Matt. 19:14 Jesus said "Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."


Welcome to Church

 Welcome to church
We pray that you experience Jesus in a new and challenging way today.

Cry Room

For Mom's with hungry babies we have a room for you too!


Sunday's Message


Current Study

This is a great community of people who like new friends at whatever stage in life you find yourself.


If you don't have a bible when you come to church one of our ushers will help you.

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