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Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

The glorious 9th Chapter of Romans taught us that Salvation relies entirely on God’s Sovereign choice, His Mercy alone!   

We learned, God being Almighty, All-knowing and perfect in justice, does just as He pleases: exalting & humbling nations, showing mercy to one sinner but not another without violating the perfection of His perfect Justice! No one can hide from God or lie to God to avoid His justice.  He alone Sovereignly initiates salvation.  

Ch9 taught that only some are saved, that some profess faith but don’t possess faith. So we conclude that since God does as He pleases, we dare not harden our hearts when we hear His voice. Instead with a broken and contrite heart we repent, believe & cry out for His mercy!  All who call on His name are saved! 

Today Paul teaches in Romans 10 that Zeal without knowledge will never save us but that Christ, the essence of all truth and knowledge, is the end of the law. Christ accomplished the righteous perfection we could never muster! Faith alone in Christ alone by grace alone is the true Gospel that saves our souls! 


Praise Him! 
-Pastor John 

Other Scripture Referenced: 

Galatians 1:8-9 
Romans 11:1-2 
2 Corinthians 6:17 
Romans 12:2 
John 3:15 
John 18:37 
Romans 3:19-22 
Isaiah 64:6
James 4:4
1 Timothy 2:16 
Matthew 18:20 


Welcome to Church

 Welcome to church
We pray that you experience Jesus in a new and challenging way today.

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